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Extract Your Story

No question that it’s hardest to tell your own story as you’re so immersed in it.

It makes sense to you, to a degree that you don’t think of the reasons that keep you going.
But you’re full speed ahead.
Let’s take that enthusiasm and dig deep to learn what makes you tick.
That way, others will catch up with your excitement. 


The easy truth is that you already have all the answers.
You will find them in your gut feeling that led you to create/develop your solution in the first place. They’re also hidden in the calls and interactions you've had with potential customers,

as well as within your competitors’ stories, the stories that inspire you.


Begin with the product/service:

What is the offering in one sentence?

Try to explain it to your mother in law. Now explain it to a 6 years old

What is the value you're bringing? to whom? what pain does it solve?

What sets you apart from the competition?


As for you and the founders:

Why are you doing what you're doing? What prompted you to start this venture?

Why you? What makes you the best fit in terms of qualifications, talent, abilities to

do what you're doing? (list your achievements, past record, seniority)

What are the values that lead you here and in general? What are your company’s?

What are the 3 lights that guide your work?



Photo credit: Artem Dulub

Now, let’s focus on your customers:

Why do customers approach you? What do they ask? (look through the site's

emails and LinkedIn messages)

What do they say after working with you? (check your mail, testimonials, call


If there are no customers yet, what do people say after meeting you, in terms of

your professional achievements, your pitch

What would your ideal customer ask from you/tell you?


Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

What about the industry and field you work in:

What are the trends and changes in recent years?

Who are the active/prominent players and competitors?

Who are the thought leaders and trend setters?


Talk in numbers:

List the number of customers, pilots, money you’ve achieved,

List the sum raised/granted, 

List the scope of interest you've generated - what known brands and companies

you're in discussions with or have already signed a contract 

Lastly, list your media mentions: this is the place to brag!


All these answers and figures create your story.
Together they make sense and with them you could assemble a simple and coherent story to drive the right leads and growth.


Reach out to us to work on this together. It’s always clearer when an outsider looks in.

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