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  • Tovit Neizer

How Product Managers Can Use Storytelling in Their Work

I was privileged to be this year's first guest of the wonderful Product for Product Podcast.

As a big believer of stories I enjoyed our talk on how product managers could use stories in their work and offered actionable tools to locate each manager's story.

And this is what the hosts had to say about the episode: "As product managers, we know how important it is to be storytellers, so that we can connect with our audience - whether it is our clients and users, or our stakeholders - in a deeper, more meaningful, way. But we don’t always have the right tools to convey these stories.

That’s where Tovit comes into the picture, and that’s what Matt and Moshe talked with her about in this episode.

Using a very simple tool (and once you listen to the episode you will also see the pan there), our imagination can open up towards describing our products, and place them in a story that can then excite everyone!

So come in and listen to our episode, where you can also learn:

👉 The power of listening and waiting

👉 How journalism can help product managers! Some of the parallels between how journalists work and the product management work

👉 How to write your product story? A simple actionable process

👉 Can Matt and Moshe write their stories using that tool?

👉 Which object is ChatGPT?

👉 Is there a right way to tell our story? Or many ways?

👉👉 And much more…!

🎧 You can listen to the episode on your favorite podcasting platform, or directly here: Thanks Moshe Mikanovsky and Matt Green for having me, and enjoy the episode!

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