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Your Story Should Be on Stage

Speaking at conferences is a great opportunity to share your agenda, promote your product or service, and build your company's brand.

It is an opportunity not to be missed: a great talk would deliver your message to numerous people and build your name as an expert and a thought leader.

But this opportunity requires careful preparation.

​While you know exactly what you’re working on, presenting it to others is challenging.
You need to take all the daily facts and figures that you know by heart,
wrap all your knowledge and unique expertise, and put it in a format that is clear.

As a big believer of the power of stories I will help you build an effective talk that is both interesting and memorable.
Having a structured and captivating talk will give you the confidence to go up there.


Choose the option that best suits your needs:

You’ve Got This

You have a good talk but you want to pitch it in front of professional ears, or maybe add a unique angle.
In our session I’ll hear what you’ve got and point you in the right direction - fine tuning, tying up all loose ends, and making sure there's good logic and flow.

1.5 hour session

The Whole Story

You have an existing presentation but you feel it’s unclear or lacks effectiveness.

We’ll work on your existing slides to create a memorable talk:

  • I will dive deep to locate the essence of your story and the source of your passion

  • Fine tune the message and wording

  • Audit the visual aspects of the presentation and share guidelines to improve it so it will best support the upgraded content

  • In addition, I will guide you on how to deliver the talk effectively

The result: a talk that will make the audience feel what you’ve aimed for, and one that you’ll feel comfortable delivering.

The process takes between 2 weeks to 1 month​ 

Final Touch Ups

Look at this as your general rehearsal: following the work we've done, book a call to go over your existing talk in order to send you off to take the stage

1 hour call


Take Their Word

"Tovit's expertise in crafting compelling narratives is unparalleled and she truly knows how to captivate an audience. I had the pleasure working with her on a major conference presentation and her guidance was invaluable. Tovit's skills and personality helped me ensure my presentation was not only informative but also entertaining. I will not hesitate working with her again!"

Tal Koren, Head of Global Division, Lotem Management Consulting

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